Guide: A list of all the hidden mooncakes in Angry Birds Seasons Moon Festival

Angry Birds Season just got updated with the Moon Festival episode which comes complete with 30 new levels, multiple unlockable levels and some sort of secret shadowed out mooncake. Even though this literally just came out today, we already have a complete list of all the hidden Mooncakes.

Here is the complete list, unedited, that was just posted over on AngryBirdsNest:

  • Level 1-2: The mooncake is in the bottom-right of the level. Use a couple Black Birds to clear the highest stone structures. A high-arcing shot after the path is clear can land a Black Bird next to the mooncake, but you probably need to trigger the explosion manually.
  • Level 1-5: The mooncake is behind the slingshot. Use any bird to explode the TNT in front of the slingshot, which will expose the mooncake. Then softly roll a bird off the back of the slingshot platform.
  • Level 1-9: Hit the patch of grass under the slingshot platform. The mooncake will appear just left of the structure.
  • Level 1-15: Hit the patch of grass immediately in front of the slingshot. The mooncake will appear in the left side of the trench to the left of the structure. Use any bird to reach it.
  • Level 2-2: The mooncake is hidden in the patch of grass immediately in front of the slingshot.
  • Level 2-5: The mooncake is hidden under the footbridge immediately in front of the slingshot. Drop an egg from the White Bird to reach it.
  • Level 2-12: The mooncake is hidden between the two slingshot platforms. Fire a Blue Bird into the gap to reach it.
  • Level 2-14: Destroy the stone and wood block immediately in front of the slingshot. It takes 2 or 3 direct hits. The mooncake will appear behind the slingshot. Very slowly roll a bird off the back of the platform to reach it


That was pretty quick wasn’t it? Didn’t take long for one user of their site to find all of the hidden mooncakes. So now with this new information you can arm yourself a bit better and save a little frustration and find them all a bit more easily. Thanks to AngryBirdsNest for getting this up so quickly.

Website Referenced: AngryBirdsNest

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