Android: 5 games news – Armored God, Ailment, Farm Punks, and more

Armored God Android

Too busy to keep on top of all of the Android games news this week? Well, fear not, for we’ve done just that for you. Read on below for the top five news stories from the week.

Armored God is a brand new MMORPG that launched last week that we totally missed

Armored Good is a brand new autoplay MMORPG that features a ton of monsters to unlock and summon to fight for you.

Ailment is a pixel-art roguelike set in deep space, out now on Android

Ailment is an awesome new roguelike that challenges you, as the lone survivor on a ship infested with insane ex-crew members in deep space, to survive and figure out what the heck’s going on.

Farm Punks is a crazy farming game by Noodlecake up for pre-registration right now

Farm Punks is insane, but we dig it. You have to ride a variety of fruit down a mountain to sell it to villages at the bottom, using the profits to expand your mountain fruit farm.

Ticket to Earth, the sci-fi puzzle RPG, is on sale right now on Android

Ticket to Earth was on sale for 50% off this week, and you guys went bananas for it. Sadly, the sale has now finished.

Dark Domain is a brand new dark fantasy autoplay MMORPG out now on Android

Dark Domain is yet another dark fantasy MMORPG on mobile. You’ll create your character from one of four classes and head on out on an autoplaying adventure to collect pets and wings.

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