Android M is now officially a Marshmallow. SDK 6.0 is now also available for developers

Up until now the next iteration of Android has simply been known as Android M. That, however, has changed today as Google has made it official that Android 6.0 will be called Android Marshmallow. Along with the new name, the new developer preview is now available as well as the new SDK 6.0 for developers.

This will be the last developer preview before the final release happens for Android Marshmallow. Anyone with Developer Preview 2 install should be getting a notification to install Preview 3 now via an OTA update. All devices supported for the second preview are also supported here with Preview 3. If you’re new to installing developer previews, you can learn how to install it from the Android Developer’s website here.

The SDK has all the new APIs developers will need to start developing for this next big version update for Android, or bringing support to already existing applications and games. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so through the SDK Manager within Android Studio. Google Play is also now accepting apps and games using the new APIs.

For all of the non-developers out there, it shouldn’t be too long before we see the soft deliciousness of Marshmallow coming to your device. You can thank Google revealing all of this with their new statue outside their main building. Android Marshmallow has a lot of new features and improvements, we will be messing with them over the next week.

Download: Android Marshmallow builds

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