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Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift is Still Coming to Mobile Devices, But it is Being “Held Back” With a Focus on “Polishing It”

The Oculus Rift was at one point solely focused on gaming. Since the company behind it, Oculus VR, was purchased by Facebook things have changed with social media playing a role in its future along with games. There are still plans to bring the Oculus Rift to mobile devices, as in Android devices.  When questioning Oculus VP of Product Nate Mitchel on their concern that mobile devices would not provide the power the Rift needs, and would provide a sub-par experience he had some positive statements to give on its future with Android products.


TwitchTV finally to bring game streaming to mobile, announces new SDK for developers

One thing that has been a pretty major pain in the ass is trying to live stream mobile games on services like TwitchTV. Generally you have to come up with your own solutions to get this to work and half the time it is generally too slow to run through an emulator or anything like that. Lag is another issue half the time. The advent of Android-powered micro-consoles has helped this a bit though.


Amazon releases plug-ins for their Mobile App SDK and Unity3D for in-app purchasing

Amazon has release new plug-ins for the Unity3D engine which will allow developers to easily integrate Amazon’s in-app purchasing and Amazon’s GameCircle APIs into games being developed using the Unity engine. While this was possible already, it certainly was a lot harder and took a lot more time to integrate these features into Unity built games that were slated for release onto Amazon’s AppStore.


Sony trying to lure indie devs to Playstation Mobile with $99 official SDK offering

Up until now the SDK for developers to use when developing their games for the new Playstation Mobile platform has been in beta and basically free. Now Sony has given the SDK the green light and instead of charging an arm and a leg for the SDK, developers are only required to pay an annual fee of $99. This allows developers to publish as many games as they like to the Playstation Mobile platform, both for Android devices and the PS Vita.