[CES2012] Quick preview of upcoming Tegra optimized game called Zombie Driver THD

Zombie Driver THD is one of the games we mentioned that would be coming to Android this year and we managed to get a bit of a gameplay preview of this title filmed while at the nVidia booth. Developed by Exor Studios, Zombie Driver THD isn’t your normal zombie survival game.

What makes this game different is that you will actually be using a car, usually equipped with a variety of weapons from machine guns to flame throwers, to mow down hordes of zombies. There are plenty of vehicles as well for you to use from small compact cars to full sized buses. It isn’t all about mowing down zombies either as you will have bosses to take down and survivors to rescue.

We got to see a bit of the gameplay while visiting the nVidia booth where our car was taking down some zombies in its path. We didn’t have any weapons equipped so we had to use our front and rear bumpers to handle them. The game should have most, if not all, of the features the PC HD version comes with which you can see listed in our previous article about Zombie Driver THD. While our little hands-on preview doesn’t seem too exciting (we can only do so much with our stock compact car at the time), the game does seem rather fun, especially if you enjoy zombie games.

No exact release date has been announced but we were told that it shouldn’t be much longer before the game is released for Tegra Android devices.

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