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Zombie Driver THD Review – Poor touch controls let this good game down massively

Zombie games of all shapes and sizes are a dime a dozen these days on the mobile gaming scene. One such new game vying for attention is Zombie Driver THD, which is actually a full-on console and PC port in terms of content. It is one thing to boast console quality content, and another to see if all this is wrapped in a mobile-friendly package. Does Zombie Driver THD make the cut in that respect?


Exor Studios finally unleashes Zombie Driver THD for Tegra Android devices

We’ve reported on Exor Studios and their Zombie Driver game which was headed for Android for quite some time now. In fact the last time we reported on it, back in September 2012, Zombie Driver THD was slated for release on Tegra devices on October 17th, 2012. Well a couple of weeks late, but perfect for Halloween, Zombie Driver THD has finally arrived onto Google Play for Tegra-based devices.