Clockwork Runes – 3D MMORPG Coming Soon

It seems as though the market for 3D MMORPGs for Android is getting another player. Currently there is Vendetta Online which is making a fully interactive client for Android, Runes which is currently in limited open beta right now and we suspect the new DvideArts RPG will also be an MMO. You can now add Clockwork Runes by Bonafide Software onto this growing list now.

While still in the early phases of development, Clockwork Runes looks already to be an impressive MMORPG with a deep storyline and a lot of customizable features includes different races, classes and assuming this follows into item creation there will probably be a slew of gear to get. While there isn’t a ton of info about Clockwork Runes there is a few key bits we do know.

The 4 Races so far are:

  • Efeli – Efeli are are tall and nimble race. They have exceptional hearing due to the elongated, pointy shape of their ears. Efali live in the woodlands known as Timberia. They are a secretive folk and do not take kindly to outsiders. Efeli are also famous for their schools of magic.
  • Ryzel – Ryzel are the most technologically advanced of the classes. They thrive in the costal nation of U ‘Toria. Ryzel are a well-rounded bunch who take pride in their knowledge.
  • Torgue – The Torgue are large in stature and very barbaric. They reside in the Volcanic region of Torlea. They are very aggressive and take pride in their fighting abilities. Every 4 years, the Torgue hold a fighting tournament. The Victor is crowned the new king of Torlea.
  • Kiplen – Kiplen people mostly resemble the Ryzel other than their very short stature. Kiplen are a very humble people and welcome outsiders with open arms. Kiplen are very proficient at all magics. They are also a very musical bunch and enjoy to sing and dance every chance they get. The Kiplen hold a festival once a year in their city’s square where events are held. The festival is open to the public, as they love to hear the stories of travelers. The Kiplen reside in  the sea-side nation of Noh.


The 7 Classes so far are:

  • Warrior – Warriors rely heavily on defense to act as a decoy and guard the other players in their group. They also focus on their physical attack powers as this is the fuel for their abilities. Warriors are also adept at damage dealing and can be very powerful if given the opportunity. Warriors are unable to cast any kind of magic. Warriors can wield two-handed swords, one-handed short swords, one-handed long swords, daggers, one-handed axes, and shields of all kinds. Warriors can also use a limited number of ranged weapons. Warriors can adorn themselves in heavy armor, and light armor.
  • Wizard – Wizards focus on offensive, elemental magic (wind, water, fire, earth,  ice, dark, light) and can use the elemental wheel (water beats fire, fire beats ice, ice beats wind, wind beats earth, and earth beats water – dark beats light and light also beats dark) to increase the potency of each cast. Mages rely mostly on staves (two-handed) or wands(one-handed), but are able to use some lower-end daggers. Wizards can only adorn themselves in cloth armor.
  • Priest – Priests are similar to wizards as they are magic users, however they focus on healing magic. They can heal other users to multiple degrees as well as cast certain  temporary stat enhancing magic. Priests only use staves (two-handed) and wands (one-handed) but also have the ability to wield a very small number of shields. Priests mainly wear cloth armor, but can wear a few special pieces of heavy armor.
  • Thief – Thieves rely on their speed and wits to weaken their opponents until dealing devastating blows. Thieves can wear light armor and some cloth armor. Thieves are also given the ability to dual-wield one-handed weapons. Thieves are proficient with daggers, but can also use short swords and certain long swords. Thieves can also use more ranged weapons than most other classes.
  • Ninja – Ninjas are a special class that must be unlocked. Ninjas are the fastest class in the game and are granted dual wielding from the very beginning. The are the only class that can use katanas (both one-handed and two-handed). Ninjas are unable to use any ranged weapons except throwing weapons (stones, darts, shurikens, bombs, etc…). ninjas can wear light armor and some cloth armor. Ninjas also have the ability to use ninjutsu—a special type of magic only useable by ninjas—but do so at a cost of “ninja tools.” Ninja tools are only obtained via crafting or purchasing from other players who have crafted them, thus ninja is a very expensive class to maintain.
  • Archer – Archer is a special class that must be unlocked. They specialize in long-ranged attacks. They can use every long-ranged weapon in the game—with the exception of throwing weapons—as well as a decent number of daggers. Rangers can wear some light armor and some cloth armor. They are very powerful damage dealers, but are very expensive to maintain as ammunition is expendable and players must continuously buy or craft more.
  • Bard – Bard is a special class that must be unlocked. Bards specialize in enhancement magic and enfeebling magic. They are a very powerful support class. Bards can use some daggers and some short swords, and wear cloth armor and some light armor. They are also the only class in the game to use musical instruments. Bards also use a special kind of magic called “songs” to perform their enhancements and enfeebling.


What is even better is that Clockwork Runes will be using a middle-ware real-time engine called TyphonRT which, if you’ve been reading the comment under some of our previous articles, you will know is being developed by Mike Leahy. This will probably be the first game to implement this engine although development time for a game this size will probably make it not the first to be released using TyphonRT.

The first stable release of TyphonRT should be in the next week or so according to Mike at which point Bonafide Software will begin work on the engine for Clockwork Runes. No actual release date for Clockwork Runes has been set. If we can get our hands on some concept art we will definitely post it!

So who’s looking forward to all these possible MMORPGs? Which would you play or if none of them, which major MMORPG would you like to see ported to Android?

Website Referenced: AndroidForums

Developer Website: Bonafide Software

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