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Dead Cells for Mobile Gets the Legacy Update, Adding New Skills, Biomes, Bosses, and More

Dead Cells is one of the best Android action games.

The mobile version of Dead Cells, the highly acclaimed “roguevania” from developer Motion Twin, has been updated with the seminal 1.6 Legacy update.

Already available on other platforms, the Legacy update is truly huge in scope. Here’s what it adds.

A new difficulty level, called Boss Cell 5. New Biomes, including a cavern. New Enemies, such as Ground Shakers, Slammers, and other Arbiters. New Bosses, such as the Giant.

*Deep breath*

New weapons, like the pan. New skills, such as the Great Owl of War pet and the Giant Whistle. New mutations, like Open Wounds and going Berserker. A new skin feature, available at the tailor.

Plus, custom run is apparently in consideration for a future update.

You can download Dead Cells right now on the Google Play Store for $8.99.

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