[UPDATED: Game Updated] Deemo 2.0 from Rayark is coming to Android soon

It is hard to imagine the same studio that recently brought us one of the most epic hack-n-slash games we have seen on Android in a while with Implosion: Never Lose Hope, also produced the equally brilliant and stunning music games Cytus and Deemo. Recently, Rayark uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel teasing Deemo 2.0.

[UPDATE: Tuesday, June 2nd – 8:58 AM, PST] We weren’t exactly sure when we posted the first article about what would be included in Deemo 2.0. We didn’t know if it was a whole new game, or just an update. Now we know that Deemo has been updated to 2.0. However, this is a pretty hefty update. If you are a fan of the original game, then you should already have the update available to download. If you are curious about what is in the game, here is what is listed in the Google Play Description:

– More than 110 songs
– Newly added: 10 free songs
– Newly added: New song packs for purchasing
– Newly added: New designed song selection scene
– Newly added: More stories and memories
– Newly added: More rooms to explore!

For those of you that may have not downloaded the original game, the link is included at the bottom of the article.

There isn’t a whole lot of information that can be found about  Deemo 2.0. We don’t know if it is new downloadable content to the existing game Deemo, or if it is a whole new adventure. Based on the video, I think we are hoping it is the latter. Deemo proved to be a challenging music game that had a wonderful collection of songs to enjoy, while you were tapping out some of the notes, to add to the songs. The story that framed the musical themes was as intriguing as the song selection was diverse. It worked extremely well, and it made you feel like you knew how to play the  piano in some ways. Manual dexterity was required, as well as a good hand-eye coordination, so you could tap the bar as soon as it touched the line.

Once we learn more about Deemo 2.0, we will let you know. Based on the trailer, it is supposed to be arriving some time this month. If you haven’t finished Implosion, you may want to complete it, so you can move on to Deemo 2.0. 

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