DraStic is completely compatible with Ouya, video shows off all the goodness

While we were going to fire up our Ouya and do this ourselves, it seems someone has beaten us to the punch and has loaded the brand new high speed Nintendo DS emulator DraStic onto the Android-powered console. According to a user going by the name of MobileDecay (dig the name by the way), the DraStic emulator runs rather nicely on Ouya.

It makes sense too. Ouya has beefy enough hardware to run the emulator just fine plus DraStic comes with controller support right off the jump. This makes it a perfect choice for Ouya owners. However, it isn’t offered on the Ouya storefront just yet so you’ll have to bust out a little technical skills and side-load the emulator onto it. That would be the legit copy you bought off of Google Play (support the devs if you are going to do this).

So while you may not think the $7.99 price tag is worth it just for the luxury of playing Nintendo DS games on your Android device, unless you play a lot of them, when you factor in the ability to use this on Ouya, it works out that the $7.99 price is well worth it. Check out the video above to see DraStic in action on Ouya.

Don’t go running off though too far, we will be doing an in-depth review of Ouya over the course of a week starting soon.

Website Referenced: MobileDecay YouTube

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