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RetroArch emulator gets a massive update after a very long hiatus

RetroArch is an emulator that has been available on Android for quite some time and is arguably one of the top emulators to have installed. This is a multi-platform multi-application emulator that pretty much covers everything you could want in a emulator, but wrapped up into a singular package. This new update brings a whole lot of changes and new features to RetroArch and if you have this installed, you’ll want to grab this update.


Multi-platform Dreamcast emulator Reicast arrives in Alpha form on Android

Today Android gamers get a little bit of a treat, especially if you enjoy playing Dreamcast games. That is because Reicast, a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator that works quite well, has arrived onto Android today. Reicast is actually a fork of Nulldce for those of you familiar with that emulator. This release is being labeled as an Alpha version but once you dive into it, Reicast seems to have more of a beta feel to it.


High speed Nintendo DS emulator DraStic has arrived onto Google Play

Back in the middle of July we reported on a new Nintendo DS emulator that was being developed for Android called DraStic. One of the bigger claims that this emulator makes is that it is a high speed emulator which is good since it seems like most Nintendo DS emulators tend to not run at full speed and actually end up running pretty slowly. Of course that is partly also dependent on what device you’re running it on.