E3 2012: Gameloft announces Kingdoms & Lords, Cosmic Colony. Also first trailers for Spider-Man and Asphalt 7: Heat

Gameloft just dropped a ton of media in our laps along with an announcement of two new social games called Kingdoms & Lords and Cosmic Colony. Along with the announcement of these two new games comes new trailers for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man game as well as Asphalt 7.

E3 is turning out to be quite mobile heavy, something we figured it would be. So let’s just jump right into it shall we?

Kingdoms & Lords

This game is a simulation and strategy game lets players build and develop their own kingdom and amass an army to hold barbarian invaders at bay. Players can battle each other and prove who has the best army in this compelling title. Up until now this game hasn’t been mentioned anywhere so this is a brand new announcement. You can check out the trailer below.

Kingdoms & Lords Features:

• A medieval simulation: expand lands, cultivate, harvest crops and raise animals to get
money and food. Enjoy rich production system to build your kingdom
• A strategy game: raise an army and attack your neighbors. Hire/train/grow your army to
prepare them for combats. Set the defense strategy of your castle to prevent any
enemies assaults
• Challenge your friends by launching your troops against their defense lines and see
who has the best army!
• Forge alliances, rescuing their units, and send them unique gifts.
• Optimize your production system and get extra revenues
• Upgrade your buildings, unlock new ones and enhance your capacities
• Invest to grow your army to upgrade their weapons
• Protect your kingdom, defeat rival armies and steal their resources

Cosmic Colony

The second social game coming from Gameloft soon. Cosmic Colony will have you creating your own colony and making it prosper on a mysterious planet. Surprising events and numerous space missions will turn players into real space pioneers.

Cosmic Colony Features:

• Create and expand your own space-age colony
• Discover mysterious landmarks all over the planet
• Explore space and seek out many galaxies and planets in search of artifacts
• Face unexpected events like falling meteorites and UFOs flying around your colony
• Interact with friends, visit their colonies and boost each other’s reputations!
• Complete numerous missions and manage your resources to make your people
happy and your colony prosperous

Asphalt 7: Heat

A game we previously talked about back when Gameloft started teasing it. Until now we haven’t seen a single screenshot or anything minus a promo graphic so getting a full sized trailer is nice. Check it out below but as you may already be guessing, it looks pretty solid as are all Asphalt games.

Asphalt 7 Features:

• 60 cars from prestigious manufacturers, like Audi & Lamborghini, including the
legendary DeLorean
• Beautiful graphics that push the limits of your device and the retina display
• 15 tracks set in real cities, including brand new tracks in Hawaii, Paris, London,
Miami and Rio
• Revamped online & local multiplayer (up to 6 players) with matchmaking and
special events
• Social Feature: The Asphalt Tracker lets you compare stats, share achievements &
challenge friends
• Complete 15 leagues & 150 races in 6 modes! Race for the top spot and leave the
rest in your dust!

The Amazing Spider-Man

This game we mentioned only a couple of days ago when it was officially announced. Once again, at the announcement time, there were no screenshots or trailers for this game which is set to be released along side the actual movie on June 14th. Now we get to enjoy a trailer and check the game out.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Spider-Man Features:

• Play the Amazing Spider-Man through more than 35 immersive missions.
• Fight The Lizard and his minions to prevent him from fulfilling his dark schemes.
• Awesome and rewarding fighting system (melee attacks, ranged attacks, zone attacks,
combos, dodges…)
• A wide choice of upgrades to customize your own style, attack and skills
• Explore an open world Manhattan
• Full 3D New York City with cutting-edge graphics
• Advanced shaders and visual effects

As of right now all four games are still labeled as ‘coming soon’ or ‘This Summer’ so there is no exact date available just yet. We can definitely guess that the two social games will be free and supported through in-game purchases. As for Asphalt 7: Heat and The Amazing Spider-Man, no word on pricing.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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