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Fireball Wizard Is The Magic-themed Metroidvania We Didn’t Know We Needed

Fireball Wizard gameplay

2D pixelated indie games are all the rage these days, so learning about a new one coming to mobile soon probably isn’t that exciting, right? Well, despite the uninspiring title, Fireball Wizard actually has us pretty intrigued.

Heavens, Why?!

It looks set to provide a pretty standard Metroidvania-type experience, with you exploring a variety of fantasy-themed locations, unlocking new abilities as you go.

But Fireball Wizard’s magic-themed gameplay does seem a little more intriguing than your average pixel ’em up. You play as the eponymous caster, who launches fireballs at their enemies until they’re nothing more than charred dust on the ground.

Any Customisation?

Judging from screenshots, there are a few different wizards to play as – or, at the very least, different skins – which should keep things fresh.

Alongside this, there’s also a bunch of skills and equipment to unlock, allowing you to customise your play style.

What Will We Actually Do In Fireball Wizard?

As you explore, you encounter puzzles that you can solve. There are also secrets to unlock, which will encourage replayability.

Ultimately, it sounds, looks, and will probably play like a familiar 2D platformer/Metroidvania. We’re not trying to sell it as anything other than that. We just think it’s pretty novel that you get to play as a wizard in this one, casting fireballs with wild abandon.

And it’s being published by the ever-reliable Plug In Digital, so we’d anticipate the typical high levels of quality. If you’re interested, go ahead and pre-register for it on Google Play.

When Does It Launch?

We’re not sure exactly when it will launch, but the App Store has listed a release date of June 20. These aren’t always accurate, but it does somewhat narrow down the time frame.

We will, as ever, let you know as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, go ahead and check out our best new Android games this week list to find something new to play.

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