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New Trailer For Metroidvania Fireball Wizard Gives A Glimpse At The Gameplay

Feature image for our Fireball Wizard news piece. It shows an in-game screen of a wizard character in a foggy forest area, fighting a large tree-like monster.

A new trailer for the pixel platformer Fireball Wizard release just dropped. It’s got a date, too. The game drops on the 20th of June, so if you’re eager to get your teeth into this fiendish little indie game, you won’t have long to wait.

So, what’s Fireball Wizard? We’ve covered a bit about it in a previous article, though we’ll cover a bit about this upcoming title, and what the trailer can tell us, below.

We’re Off To Be The Wizard

In Fireball Wizard you are a wizard, who can make fireballs. You live in the land of Wizardonia, presumably inhabited by Wizards if it’s not misleadingly named. You take the role of a lone spellcaster, one of a few different variations, and navigate through some fiendish pixel art levels.

There are dark dungeons, gloomy caves, and misty woods packed full of enemies and drops. You’ll have many opportunities to die. Spikes, flames, pits full of lava, and when you do you comedically explode into a bouncing skull.

Fortunately, you have some skills up your sleeve to protect you from the many dangers of Wizardonia, as the trailer demonstrates. There are the fireballs, of course, which you can deploy to scorch through enemies and clear blocks that stand in the way.

Wizardonia Is A Dangerous Place

You’ve also got ground slams, moves that let you air-dash across gaps, and even a Sonic-esque ability to fire yourself between lengths of pipe.

Lots of nasty little creatures populate Wizardonia by the time your jumping mage makes their journey. Some big ones, too. The trailer gives a peek at what appear to be some boss monsters. A treant-like forest monster, some kind of red-skinned demon, and what appears to be the Grim Reaper all feature at some point.

The game will release as a free-to-try, with some content available for free. If you like what you see in the demo, you’ll be able to purchase the full game.

If this all sounds interesting, you can check out the Google Play listing and pre-register ahead of the Fireball Wizard release.

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