[Update: Globally Released] Gamevil and Square Enix’s Million Arthur will be launching worldwide on Android next month

Back in March 2015 we reported on a new team-up effort with Square Enix and Gamevil regarding a new game called Million Arthur that would be arriving onto Android soon. Well we now have a better idea of exactly when that ‘soon’ will actually be, and that is at some point next month.

Update: July 14th, 2015 3:47pm PST: Gamevil and Square Enix have now globally launched Million Arthur onto Google Play today. Up until now it was only available in select regions as part of a soft launch. We have also added a new trailer to the bottom of this article. The link below is now good for global installs.

If you happened to have missed our preview article about Million Arthur, this is a card battling RPG by Square Enix which already exists in Asia (released in Japan in 2012). However, Square Enix wants to bring this game to the West. So in order to accomplish this, they will be teaming up with Gamevil who will provide localization services for Million Arthur so that Square Enix can release the game in North America, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Million Arthur is an online game with multiplayer gameplay, which means there won’t be any offline gameplay available. If you play a lot of Gamevil titles, this will be something you’re used to already, since most of their recent games are all online titles. Here’s the storyline that players will be experiencing in Million Arthur:

Based on the folklore surrounding King Arthur, the setting takes place in a fantasy world created by one of Japan’s renowned novelists, Kazuma Kamachi. Players recruit formidable knights and collect mystic resources on a quest as they fight against other players and in-game antagonists. Containing attractive characters and breathtaking music created by famous artists in Japan, the game presents players with an unexpected and unforgettable experience like no other game.

While all of the game’s current content will be brought to the West, the two companies will continue to work together in order to release new content as well after the game’s initial release here in the West. Currently, Million Arthur is available in 15 countries, so you might already have a chance to play this game before its global launch in July.

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