Infinity Blade Trailer released – Now we can better see the actual graphics and gameplay

Two days ago I posted about the iOS game developed by Chair Entertainment which used Unreal Engine 3. Even though this game is for the iOS it gives us a glimpse as to what we could expect to see when games start coming out for the Android platform using Unreal Engine 3. Well today the official trailer for the game was unveiled, begin drooling.

This trailer for Infinity Blade gives us a great look at how the gameplay and graphics look on the iPhone which gives us a better idea of what to expect regarding how a game like this would look on Android devices. New Android devices can easily accomplish this and with the upcoming Tegra 2 devices, there is no reason we shouldn’t start seeing games like this being released.

For more information you can check out our article about Infinity Blade from the other day. We’ve included the trailer below for your viewing pleasure, you may need tissue close at hand as you may wet yourself while watching this. You can watch a bigger HD version of the trailer over at GameTrailers.

Website Referenced: Gametrailers



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