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Lords Mobile Developer IGG Donates N95 Masks to Hospitals in the US

IGG, developer of certified mobile blockbuster Lords Mobile, has been on a philanthropic frenzy lately, getting involved in fundraising initiatives for charities such as War Child UK and Make A Wish International.

In the case of War Child UK, the studio’s charitable campaign took the form of a purchasable War Child UK Armistice Pack, which Lords Mobile players could buy to support children in conflict zones. 

In the case of Make A Wish, players were invited to design a castle, which IGG then worked up into a commercial skin and sold it in-game, donating the proceeds to Make A Wish International.

But in the case of the coronavirus outbreak, which started in Wuhan, IGG has got straight down to business with wave upon wave of direct donations. 

This started in Wuhan itself. In January IGG set up a donation fund to support residents of the city.

The First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine at Zhejiang University, meanwhile, took receipt of N95 masks, waiting up till 4am for the delivery. 

IGG’s international branches have rallied to the cause, with the US, Belarus, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, and other offices all procuring supplies for the stricken city.

The coronavirus epidemic has spread quickly, however, and the focus of IGG’s efforts has changed. That’s why the company has recently donated to Italy, Korea, and Japan, as well as to the US, donating N95 masks to the City of Fremont Police Department, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, and Stanford Hospital.

IGG even opened a donation request survey earlier in the month asking which hospitals it should donate too, and received a staggering 187 responses.

IGG has much more planned, too, and you can do your bit by washing your hands, staying indoors, and playing Lords Mobile. 

Download it right now on Google Play, the App Store, and Steam.

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