Must-Play Indie Platformer Ultimate Chicken Horse Hits The Shield Android TV and Shield Tablet Today

Originally developed as part of a game jam competition project that since evolved into a full blown game funded by a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Ultimate Chicken Horse from Clever Endeavor Games is an addictive multiplayer platforming experience.

Now available on Shield Android TV and Shield Tablet, Ultimate Chicken Horse begins with the player taking control of an animal. As well as a chicken and a horse there’s also a raccoon, sheep, chameleon and rabbit you can play as. Each stage—which features locales like a farm,  pyramid, iceberg, dance party and more—begins pretty much as a blank canvas and each player places objects and obstructions in an effort to outfox their opponents. Objects include classic platforming tropes such as platforms, springs, bombs, conveyor belts, buzz saws and teleporters.

Once the designing phase is complete, all the players have to simultaneously attempt to play the level and reach the end flag and that’s where things get really interesting. If all players reach the end flag, the level design is deemed too easy and nobody scores any points. The same goes for a level that is too difficult where no player finishes. So the trick is to deploy platforms, traps and tricks that you are confident about traversing yourself, but you think might trip up your opponents.

Each time you play you are awarded points and the first player to reach a set number of points is the winner. Points are awarded based on a number of different criteria. The trick is to play smart when designing the level and keep your wits about you.

The combination of world-building and competitive play is a unique take on the platforming genre and results in a mash-up of creative interaction and hilariously aggressive face-offs as you compete against your opponents.

Ultimate Chicken Horse is definitely a unique take on multiplayer gaming. For those of you wanting to grab a copy of Ultimate Chicken Horse, you can do so now on Shield Android TV and Shield Tablet via Google Play for $9.99. The Shield edition of the game requires that you play with a Shield controller.

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