Ouya Game Watch: Sine Mora, 100 Rogues, Legends of Yore and more

Welcome to a new installment into our Ouya Game Watch series of articles. In these article we just point out a few games that are usually new to Ouya tha you should probably check out. This week we’ve already seen some pretty nice titles landing on the Ouya marketplace and the selection on there is starting to get real good.

The new arcade shooter, that can be as difficult as a bullet hell shooter title, called Sine Mora which was originally released on Playstation 3/Xbox 360. This is a 2.5D arcade shooter (officially labelled as a bullet hell shooter) where you’ll be piloting a fighter type of space ship, blasting away at enemies as they come at you while enjoying all the eye candy you can handle.

There are a couple of new roguelike games out on Ouya as well that any fan of this genre should already know about from both being available on Android. Both 100 Rogues and Legends of Yore have also made the journey to Ouya and feature full controller support. Both games offer a free trial to try them out. 100 Rogues will set you back $4.99 while Legends of Yore will cost you $2.99.

One thing to note, Legends of Yore can be played through after the option to unlock the full game is passed on. You just end up with limited gold you can hold onto and harder leveling.

The last game to check out is one that has been on there for a bit called Cube and Creature. This is a skill-based platformer along the lines of Super Meat Boy and is just as challenging as well. If you happen to like the overly difficult platformers, you’ll want to check this one out. Unlocking the full game costs $2.99 but you can try out about 12 levels for free.

One last note, there was a firmware update released a day or two ago. This firmware update brings a new looking UI along with it. Pretty much the same in the Discover area but your Play are and main menu now have what you played last showcased and suggested games.

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