PlayJam’s GameStick Kickstarter is over, garners $647,000+ in funding

When we talk about a Kickstarter campaign being extremely successful it doesn’t necessarily mean that the campaign made millions of dollars in funding. Such is the case of PlayJam’s GameStick Kickstarter campaign that we have been following since it started and which has now finally ended.

With an initial goal of $100,000 PlayJam’s GameStick Kickstarter campaign ended with $647,658 in funding from backers who want to see the GameStick come to life. This we probably be one of the few items that will directly compete with OUYA and even though the design is different, and it is more portable, the idea behind both GameStick and OUYA are the same: Provide Android gamers with more of a console experience at home.

GameStick’s new unit design

Recently GameStick underwent a design change to the controller as well as adding new features overall such as a docking station that provides more peripheral connections and more storage space for games. OUYA also had a bit of a redesign but not with the main unit, only the controller which saw some improvements made to the overall design.

People will start to receive their OUYA units in March/April while GameStick is looking at getting units into the hands of people by April of this year as well. Pricing is also pretty close between the two units so it will be interesting to see how good each one does in terms of sales.

For those of you interested in picking up a GameStick, pre-orders are apparently going to go live fairly soon on the unit’s official website and when they do we’ll be sure to update everyone.

Official Website:

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