PSA: Fake Plants vs. Zombies spotted on the Android Market.

PopCap’s incredibly popular game Plants vs. Zombies has been out on Android for a short while now. As with all very popular games, once in awhile someone tries to come out with a fake/broke/complete rip of those games. Well now there is one for Plants vs. Zombies.

This fake version of Plants vs. Zombies is by repeat offender Kondor Studios who has done this before with other popular games such as Tiny Wings among many others. Usually these games get taken down fairly quickly which is a good thing except for one problem: If you bought the game by accident or whatever reason and didn’t refund it after finding out it is broken quick enough, you are out of luck getting your money back.

These types of developers release clones of popular games that usually don’t work in the hopes that you don’t refund quickly enough. Generally they charge a lower price than the original if at all possible so they can get more sales due to the cheaper price. However, in the end, you lose your money. So as a public service announcement, we just wanted to let everyone know that the copy of Plants vs Zombies by Kondor Studios is a fake and actually doesn’t work. Don’t waste your $0.99 on it. It’s only been on the Android Market for a day and a half so hopefully Google takes it down before too many people fall prey to it.

Kondor Studios is one of the developers that, as a general rule of thumb, you stay away from. This is all they do. The real Plants vs Zombies is currently only available on the Amazon App Store for $2.99 and is published by PopCap themselves.

Thanks to Cory Trese for the heads up!

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