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The apparent Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest remake is more than likely a fake

So word has been spreading over the last 48 hours about a remake for a Final Fantasy game called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest by Dark Design Games which apparently had the support of Square Enix behind it. A lot of major websites have reported about this game coming next month, talking about pre-orders going live and people heading to the site to throw money at it. As it turns out, this remake is does not have Square Enix support and is probably a fake.


PSA: Fake Angry Birds for Android Contain Malware

For those that go where no man has gone before, internet wise, for free application and games, may want to reconsider. It seems that a version of Rovio’s newest hit, Angry Birds: Space, is laced with malware and found floating (no pun intended) around. If the copy of Angry Birds: Space currently installed in your device came from anywhere but Google Play, you may be putting yourself at risk.