Rumor: HTC will be making Playstation certified Android devices

Well here is something right out of left field this morning. Apparently HTC will be working on Playstation certified Android devices this year, at least according to sources that has confirmed this in a report by Pocket-Lint. Even though it is ‘confirmed’ by sources, we are throwing the rumor tag on this one.

The announcement from HTC that they will be making Playstation certified Android devices will apparently be coming later this year, possibly even at Mobile World Congress this March. As surprising as this may seem, Sony did mention that they had planned to bring Playstation games to other manufacturer devices not too long ago. This would make HTC the first company outside of Sony to have a Playstation certified device.

This does also fall right in line with the Playstation Suite which is a cross-platform development suite for developers to use to make games across multiple platforms such as the Vita to the Xperia Play. It is also the storefront which sells Playstation games, at least right now. This would be a pretty big boost to HTC in the mobile gaming department.

HTC refused to comment “on rumors or speculation” regarding the Playstation certified devices they are apparently working on but the sources that confirmed this with Pocket-Lint also suggested a second half of 2012 release time. So who would be interested in an HTC Playstation certified device? This doesn’t mean it’ll have a control pad like the Xperia Play, it just means it will be able to play Playstation games.

One last thing to note as well. This rumor is about devices, as in plural, which could indicate we are not just looking at HTC Playstation certified Android phones but tablets as well.

Website Referenced: Pocket-Lint via

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