Sega wants you to know Jet Set Radio is still coming this Summer

Sega just released a post on their official blog reminding everyone that their hit Dreamcast game, Jet Set Radio, is still heading to iOS and Android this Summer. For those of you who missed our initial posting about this game coming to mobile, this will be a mobile optimized version of the game but the version that will hit the PS3 this September.

While there way no new information revealed about the mobile version of the game, since it is pretty much a direct port of the new version but with mobile controls, Sega just wanted to remind everyone that it will be coming this Summer still. Considering Summer is just about over, it shouldn’t be much longer before we can get our grubby little hands on it.

Doing a search online did reveal that the PS3 version is coming September 12th, 2012, and that ‘everyone else’ would be getting it September 19th, 2012, according to Eurogamer. We could see it before then but we might as well start looking at September as the month it will be released onto mobile.

Website Referenced: Sega’s Blog

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