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Sega puts some of their games on sale for a limited time

Sega is putting up a few of their games for sale to celebrate the holiday season as well. This time, however, instead of iOS getting a bunch of games on sale and Android only getting one or two, Android has five games actually on sale by Sega. If you happen to be a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog games, you’ll be happy to know they are all on sale right now.


Sega’s Jet Set Radio HD coming to Android on November 29th

For those of you who have patiently waited for Sega’s upcoming revamping of the Dreamcast classic game Jet Set Radio, officially to be called Jet Set Radio HD, there is some good news finally after a long time of silence. It appears that Sega is gearing up to release Jet Set Radio on multiple platforms this month, with Android and iOS getting it on November 29th, 2012. In a bit of an interesting twist, the product listing on Sega’s site says it is already out but don’t believe that, it won’t be till the 29th.