Shine Runner by Vector Unit will be getting a Tegra 3 enhanced version this month

Vector Unit’s newest addition to their water racing game line-up happens to be the more humorous take on the genre called Shiner Runner. If you haven’t checked out the game yet we highly suggest you do as it looks great and is pretty fun to play. However there is a Tegra 3 version on the horizon.

The Tegra 3 quad-core optimized version of Shine Runner we feature a lot of the graphical improvements that Riptide GP will get including higher quality graphics, higher FPS (frames-per-second) rendering for smoother animation, improved gameplay physics and even the water splashing up on the screen as seen in the preview for Riptide GP upcoming Tegra 3 version. The current version is optimized for all Android devices and is also enhanced for Tegra 2 devices as well.

Shine Runner Enhanced Features:

  • The most realistic boat physics ever seen on mobile.
  • Completely destructible environments. If you can see it, you can smash it!
  • Explore a colorful southern world in HD on your smartphone or tablet – or on your HDTV with HDMI out.


Currently you can purchase the normal/Tegra 2 version of Shine Runner for $1.99 on the Android Market or through the Tegra Zone website. If you go into your Tegra Zone app though you will notice that Shine Runner appears as a coming game this month, that is the Tegra 3 optimized version. No word on when exact this month the Tegra 3 version will drop though or if the price will be any different. For more information on Shine Runner feel free to check out our recent review on it.

Website Referenced: Tegra Zone

Developer Websites: Vector Unit

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