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Smashy, Bashy Crash Drive 3 Out Now on the Play Store

You might remember that last month we told you that Crash Drive 3 was set to launch on Android in July. Well, the prophesy has come to pass – you can download the game for free right this second from the Play Store.

What is Crash Drive 3? It’s an open-world driving game that sees you doing ridiculous things to earn cash. See that ramp? Go and drive off it. See that enormous beach ball? Go and smash it. That sort of thing.

You’ll be pelting it around with other players, engaging them in challenges to grab coins, pull off tricks, race to hit rings and more. It’s a lot of fun. Let’s watch a trailer, shall we?

Let’s put it this way – if you’re looking for a game that’s worried about things like brake balancing and traction, you’re in the wrong place. Crash Drive 3 is stupid with a capital STUPID. But the good kind of stupid. You can drive in space and there are tanks – that kind of stupid.

There are loads of cars and cosmetics to unlock, and a bunch of different themed maps to drive around. Crash Drive 3 is free, it’s supported by ads, but you can buy an IAP to get rid of them.

If you’d like to give the game a go, you can download Crash Drive 3 from the Google Play Store by clicking here. We’ve played it, and we think it’s well worth your time.

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