Preview of Riptide GP for Android Tegra 2 devices. Looking pretty slick so far.

Back during GDC 2011 we got to see a demo loop of a water racing game called Riptide GP. Developed by a 2-man team named Vector Unit, Riptide GP features some incredible graphics and physics in-game from what we witnessed at GDC. The good people over at Vector Unit sent us some information about Riptide GP along with some great shots.

Racing on jet-powered skis, you’ll be thrust into some serious high speed racing on water where you’ll also be able to get some big air and break out the big stunts along the way to the finish line. Every time you race it’ll be slightly different considering you are racing on water.


  • Tegra™2 Powered – The first console quality water racing title for mobile devices and tablets, made possible through the graphic prowess of the Nvidia® Tegra™2 chipset
  • Stunt for Boost – Charge your boost engines for teeth-rattling speed by pulling off tricks and stunts like the Superman, Can Cans, Tabletops, and more.
  • 12 Courses – Power and carve your way through 12 race courses set in futuristic cities, factories and mysterious research stations
  • Powerful Watercraft – Unlock and master 6 super-powered watercycles with unique designs and performance characteristics
  • Interactive Environments – Alter the track mid-race and uncover secret paths with interactive triggers
  • 3 game modes – Master Race, Hot Lap, and Championship game modes – across three difficulty levels
  • OpenFeint™ Supported – Earn achievements, post to leaderboards, and race against your friend’s best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support.



There is definitely plenty of do in this game between all the course, achievements and leaderboard plus who doesn’t like just racing on water and breaking out the big tricks? If you’ve heard of Vector Unit before, it could be because they also developed Hydro Thunder Hurricane for XBOX Live and with that they are bringing console-quality water racing to Android now.

So when can you get your hands on Riptide GP? Sometime this Summer is the current slated release time. No word on pricing just yet but as we find out more information, we will post it!

Developer Website: Vector Unit

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