Snowbreak: Containment Zone Gets a Release Date

Snowbreak Containment Zone characters.

The highly-anticipated mobile gacha Snowbreak: Containment Zone finally has an official release date: July 20. This follows hot-on-the-heels of the news that it broke a million pre-registrations earlier this month.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone is currently in beta, and only on Android – take that, iOS gamers! Sadly, sign-ups ended in April, so those wanting to check it out will have to wait until July.

What’s Snowbreak: Containment Zone?

Snowbreak: Containment Zone takes place in the near future of 2057. If you can understand anything else written in the description of the Google Play page, you’re much smarter than me.

We do know that there’s a focus on realism – particularly in the gunplay. You collect a wide variety of firearms and head into battle against the Titans.

Who are the Titans?

Well, those are the big bads in the world of Snowbreak. They’re enormous, and will require teamwork to take down. Fortunately, you can play Snowbreak with friends, and work together to take them down.

In terms of gameplay, it looks like Nikke meets Genshin Impact. You battle enemies by firing your weapons at them, Nikke style, but there’s Genshin Impact-like exploring too.

What do I Get For Pre-Registering?

Rewards scale all of the way up to two million pre-registrations, and it’s achieved half of that so far. That will net you SilverBucks, DigiCash, and Valhalla Passes – three of the game’s in-game currency.

At 500,000 more pre-registrations, you’ll get a new skin but at two million we’ll get an exclusive weapon. So, if you haven’t pre-registered yet, do so right now on the official site.

What if I Want to Play a New Gacha Right Now?

Well, there’s plenty more where Snowbreak came from. You could check out our best new Android games this week feature, Captor Clash, which just launched, or Valiant Force 2, which is about to get guild raids.

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