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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Release Is Here, But Some People Gave It A Frosty Reception

Feature image for our Snowbreak: Containment Zone release news. It shows an in-game screenshot where a female player character with long silver hair aims down the sights of a firearm at an enemy in a ruined cityscape.

The Snowbreak: Containment Zone release date is here. The new free-to-play gacha shooter is live cross-platform, on PC, iOS, and most importantly, Android platforms.

The launch hasn’t been without hiccups, though. The Google Play score currently makes pretty grim reading after a bomb of bad reviews. Why? Well, it appears a number of players had trouble registering, something the developer confirmed to be related to a failure in the server handling verification codes.

Some Teething Problems

This seems to be fixed when we gave it a try, so hopefully the score can rally. It feels a shame to judge a game completely on a pre-day-one tech issue.

So what is Snowbreak: Containment Zone? Well, it’s a gacha game, though possibly not the kind of gacha game you might be used to.

It’s a third-person shooter, and one that takes its shooting fairly seriously. There are dodging and cover mechanics that force you to stay on your toes and use the environment to your advantage while you take on the enemies.

Not Your Average Gacha Game

Different characters have their own particular weapon specialty. Some rock a shotgun and get fairly up close, while others slay from far away with a sniper rifle. You can switch out squad members depending on the situation.

Characters also bring their own special moves to the table as well. These bring special attacks, status effects, and buffs that add a bit of RPG flavor to the experience.

It follows the Heimdall Squad, a crack military team consisting of anime girls as they take on the Titans, dangerous entities that have reduced Containment Zone Aleph to a frigid wasteland.

Like what you see? Well, Snowbreak: Containment Zone release is in full swing now on Google Play.

Don’t like what you see? Well, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week and you might find something that appeals better!

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