Sony Android Playstation Phone, Xperia Play, posing for more photos yet again

After the recent in-depth look at the Sony Playstation Android phone by a Chinese website, which ended up being posted about everywhere but here (sorry CES had me running!), it seems that this little device, dubbed the Xperia Play/Zeus/Z1, is becoming less camera shy each week. Another site now has new photos for your viewing pleasure.

Coming from’s Android subsite, these photos have the Sony Android Playstation phone posing with all sorts of other devices including the PSP, other Android phones, the Nintendo DS and more. You can clearly see all the Sony Ericsson branding on it as well. The best pictures out of all of them though happen to be the one with it booting up and also the one with the game being played.


While I have my doubts about the picture with the racing game in it being real, the rest seem pretty spot on in regards to all the other photos this device has been popping up in. As MWC gets closer, which is the expected event the Sony Playstation Android phone is supposed to be unveiled at, I’m sure we will see even more pictures pop up. Hopefully some videos too.

On a side note, I asked the people at the Sony Ericsson booth at CES 2011 about this device, all of them told me it doesn’t exist. Go figure.

Website Referenced: TGBus via Mibs

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