Super Drill Panic coming soon – Yet another great retro game from OrangePixel

OrangePixel is one of the great indie game developers for Android and is usually overlooked and highly underrated. There are lots of other great indie developers out there but most get lots of press when they release something such as EVAC by Hexage. Super Drill Panic is a new game coming soon to the Android Market.

In Super Drill Panic the goal is to not get smashed by the giant bolder that is chasing you down from the top of the screen. Along the way you’ll have to collect items and power-up along with gold coins and hopefully not get stuck or run into a monster. If you do you’ll end up nice and flat. The reason why this is called Super is explained by OrangePixel:

“The Super in the title comes from the fact that this game is remade from the start, and it will feature a lot more elements that we never added to the original game. We are working on monsters, switches, obstacles, unlockable characters and much more.”

If you played the original Drill Panic by OrangePixel then you already have an idea about this new version although it will be including a lot more than the original. It’ll come with OpenFeint integrated into it so you can expect lot of unlockables to get. If you played Jumpy then you’ll already have been introducted to OrangePixel’s new style of low-resolution ultra awesome retro graphics. That same style will be used in this new version of Drill Panic.

You can expect Super Drill Panic to be released onto the Android Market by the end of November.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

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