The Division: Resurgence pre-registration opens before upcoming beta

Ubisoft’s latest mobile game is finally getting ready for release. Following a closed beta earlier this year, The Division: Resurgence is almost out on phones. Are you excited? 

We’ve discussed this upcoming Ubisoft game numerous times before. If you’re über-excited for the free-to-play RPG, you should check out our interview with the game’s creative director

Where to pre-register for The Division: Resurgence! 

While no specific release date is available for Ubisoft’s latest, you can now pre-register for The Division: Resurgence. On both Android and the other one, you can sign up to download the game as soon as it launches. 

Pre-registering is as simple as following this link. Once you’re on the Google Play Store page, smack that pre-register button and wait until Ubisoft releases the game. When is that? Well, only Ubisoft knows! 

Unfortunately, it seems that pre-registering will only give you access to the open beta later this year. Of course, you’ll stay registered for the final release whenever that happens, but this sign up is simply for an early look. 

Furthermore, there’s no knowing how long it’ll take for the game to come out. Hopefully, it releases soon. We’re just itching to explore the Dark Zone and return to our usual conniving ways! We’re coming to get you all! 

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Background information? 

The Division: Resurgence is just part of Ubisoft’s mobile initiative. While some games like Wild Arena Survivors have been splatted on mobile without any fanfare, the studio is working to dominate the platform. 

For example, the upcoming release of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is looking rather solid. Furthermore, a full open-world Assassin’s Creed game, Project Jade, is coming to mobile sometime next year. 

Ubisoft is even partnering with Netflix to release mobile exclusive games. A sequel to the fantastic Valiant Hearts is coming as well as even more games. We’re extremely excited for the future of Ubi on mobile! 

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