Top 5 Games for the G1

With the awesome processing power of the Nexus One and Motorola Droid, it begs the question: what can still run on the first Android smartphone..? Frank P looks at his Top 5 Games for the aging G1.

Not so long ago I walked into the T-Mobile shop with one of my friends to look at, what he described as, “the best phone out there at the moment”. Skeptical I soon found in my palm what was to be known as the G1 – the first phone to run Google’s own operating system dubbed “Android”. Up until that day I had been faithful to Windows Mobile, at the time I think I had a HTC Universal with a full QWERTY keyboard, and it surprised me to find something as fluid as the iPhone, with all the visual eye candy, but with that same hardware capability. I was reluctant to get an iPhone because in my opinion they were overpriced and oversold, and I was equally reluctant to ditch what had been a loyal partner which was Windows Mobile. But nonetheless this little fella had caught my eye. No more than a few months later I got myself a G1.

Coming back from our trip down nostalgia lane and plonking ourselves right back into the present, I can safely say that I made a wise choice back then when I signed that contract.. My G1 (or HTC Dream, whichever you prefer) has really become inseparable from me. I’ve taken it abroad, I’ve taken it to work, I’ve used it when I go flying it never leaves my side. Again I find myself being stubborn and being reluctant to change to anything else.. But with the likes of the Nexus One recently coming to the UK and the Motorola Droid being a HUGE hit in the States I can’t help but feel my little G1 is falling behind, both in terms of hardware and in terms of the things I can throw at it.. 🙁

This said however with a G1 running Cyanogen and a few clever searches on the Android Market, your G1 can quite easily keep up with the times. In this article I’ll be reviewing my top titles for the G1 – all free, all framerate-friendly, and all still currently available on the Market.


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