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Uniwar – Feed Your FF Tactics Hunger

The popular turn based FF Tactics style game UniWar by JavaGround Inc. comes from iphone and lands in the Android market for everyone to enjoy. Boasting 53,000+ registered users, you should never have a problem finding a game to play. Yes, that means it’s multiplayer and cross platform thanks to centralized servers.

If you like turned based strategy games but Age of Conquest isn’t your cup of conquering tea then you might want to give UniWar a whirl. You have 3 races to choose from, each with a bunch of units with their own strengths/weakness. Also, there is a Ladder so your win/loss/draws actually matter.

One bonus that sounds rather cool is the GangUp bonus. This is an attack bonus you get for attacking the same enemy more then twice in the same turn, boosting the damage any attacks you deal after the 2nd one in a row.

If I manage to grab a copy here shortly you can certainly expect a thorough review of the game considering it costs $4.99 on the Android market but that may be a small price to pay for an endless amount of gaming fun. Don’t be surprised to see a guide or two show up here as well.

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