Yongzh’s N64oid emulator gets updated, brings multiple bluetooth controller support

Yongzh may have gotten his account closed and emulators pulled off the Android Market but that hasn’t stopped Mr. emulator himself from going elsewhere and continuing on with his emulators and updating them. One update, however, brings a really awesome feature: multiple bluetooth controller support.

By multiple bluetooth controller support we don’t mean supporting a variety of brands of controllers. What we do mean is that N64oid now supports the use of multiple bluetooth controllers at the same time. N64oid can support the use of up to 4 bluetooth controllers at the same time which means your Android device can literally become a portable Nintendo64 console unit. Just hook your device up to a TV through HDMI-out and you are all set to play N64 games with your friends at the same time. Of course for spontaneous gaming sessions without a TV you can always use a tablet.

To get all this working all you need to do is add controllers to Bluez IME like usual and then once that is all done, just add them to N64oid, map your keys and you will be good to go.

As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, Yongzh’s emulators are no longer available on the Android Market but you can still get them, including N64oid, over on the SlideMe Marketplace. To see all of this gaming goodness in action, check out the video above from out friends over at

Website Referenced: AndroidNZ

SlideMe Market Link: N64oid

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