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Dash through labyrinthine tombs in Tomb of the Mask, now available from Google Play

Initially released on iOS quite some time back, Tomb of the Mask has finally been ported over to Android. The back story for this game is quite simple, in that players assume the role of an adventurer who stumbles upon a golden mask that enables the ability to climb walls. From there, players will guide the adventurer through a series of vertical tombs, that have a labyrinthine layout and are replete with traps and hazards.

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Space Marshals 2 Review: a dual stick shooter that’s even better than the first

Released by Pixelbite, space Marshals 2 is the sequel to the original game. To check out our review of the first one, click here. To be quite upfront, both of these games are very well-made. And there are things that have been improved upon with the sequel, while managing to not take a step back anywhere. It’s rare that you see only Improvement in a sequel, without something unintentionally offsetting that.

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Orphan: A Ninny Pickpocket’s Review – Being a pickpocket to survive in London

If you are looking to steal away a few minutes of time for a light bit of fun, then Pixel Jum’s mini-game Orphan is perfect for you.  You play as an unnamed street urchin looking to reallocate funds from the wealthy to yourself in a pixelated Dickensian London.  The game is extremely simple, you just need to scrap together enough money stolen from people for food for the day avoiding cops, thugs, and starvation. 

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Here are Google’s Top 20 Finalists for the Google Play Indie Games contest

Google has gone through all of the submissions for the Google Play Indie Games Contest that was announced back in November 2016, and have finally picked out the Top 20 finalists who will move on to the next round of eliminations. Out of the 20 games selected, only 7 have yet to be released, which gives us a sort of heads up about a few upcoming games that must be titles to keep an eye out for.

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Help rescue people as a 911 operator in HERO Unit, now out on Google Play

Released by Jassam Albuarki, Hero Unit is a new entrant into the field of text based gaming. In Hero Unit, players assume the role of an emergency dispatch operator, handling incoming calls as part of a 911 center. So, players will field the calls that are centered around topics that are quite intense. As an example, players will receive a call from a child, whose mother has been hurt by his step father, and the child is not only scared for her, but for himself as well.