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[Update: Released] Rejoice ye Angry Birds fans! Rovio shall be bringing us thy sequel you’ve always wanted: Angry Birds 2

So Rovio has announced that an official sequel to Angry Birds will be arriving at the end of this month. That’s right Angry Bird fans, you will soon be able to download Angry Birds 2 on July 30th. The announcement originally came via a Tweet (followed by an official blog post) from the official Angry Birds account with a statement of “Bigger. Badder. Birdier. July 30th”. Accompanying the statement was a giant number 2 image with a very angry looking red bird inside the two.

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Angry Birds joins Sonic Dash in celebration event for breaking 100 million downloads

A couple of days ago we reported on Sonic Dash and the fact that the game has broken the 100 million downloads mark, which is the total amount of downloads across all platforms. At that time there was mention of a special event that would be taking place to celebrate this feat, and that there would be special guests showing up. However those special guest were not announced and wouldn’t be until today. So who are they? Well it is the Angry Birds.

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Rovio announces Angry Birds Fight! with two unusual trailers featuring Sumo Wrestlers and strange children

So Rovio has announced a new Angry Birds game that will be heading our way soon called Angry Birds Fight! and what better way to announce a new Angry Birds game then with Sumo Wrestlers and strange children right? Right. If you think this is a head-to-head brawler featuring the Angry Birds, which actually would be kind of cool, then we are here to tell you that it isn’t.

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Angry Birds Stella POP! arrives with the goal of saving exotic critters

Rovio is keeping the Angry Birds train rolling forward with a new release today called Angry Birds Stella POP!. Based off of the morally conscience Angry Birds Stella game, this is a match-3 puzzle spin-off that deals with saving exotic critters. Of course taking out the evil pigs is still a part of the game as well. Mind you it is a bit ironic to save exotic creatures while getting rid of pigs which is also a creature of the world last time I checked.