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Charity gaming outfit Bee the Swarm has updated one of their games and released another

Bee the Swarm is an outfit that releases games where players end up supporting a carousel of charities. We covered their first release, Zombees, back in February. Zombees has received a sizable update, that touches on quite a few areas. First, the number of levels in the game has doubled, from 25 to 50. Second, characters are now able to level up, with the level cap found at 99.


Cook up your own culinary empire while donating to charity in Deli Dash! Cooking Scramble

Released by Flowmotion Entertainment, Deli Dash! Cooking Scramble is a new restaurant time management game. In this players will look to become a master chef, who must begin with the lowest form of restaurant, a run-of-the-mill fast food joint. As players both prepare the dishes (meals and desserts), as well as improve their culinary skill-set, they will be able to move on to better establishments.


Help the lone bee survive a zombie apocalypse, all while helping charity, in Zombees

Released by Bee the Swarm, Zombees is a new dual stick shooter for Android. Players will assume the role of the sole bee that’s attempting to surviving the insect equivalency of the zombie Apocalypse, brought about by insecticides. There are multiple protagonists to choose from, with a variety of stats that differ for each one. The game includes different weapons that are dropped when Zombees are killed, as well as health and speed boosts. The game includes 25 levels (with the possibility of more to come).


Holiday Charity Stream and Giveaway: Tell us what games to play

So it has been a little over a year since we announced that we would start streaming Android games on TwitchTV. Back then it wasn’t the easiest thing to set up since at that time there was no real support for mobile game streaming on any mobile platform. There was a lot of testing and tweaking of settings, lots of test streams as well. Now it is much easier to stream and we’ve already been streaming games on our TwtichTV channel. However we haven’t had an official ‘launch’ yet.


DroidGamers Spring Charity Time – We’re giving back to everyone through March and April starting with Child’s Play Charity

Here’s at DroidGamers we focuses as much as we can to give back to the community, whether it be giveaways or other freebies to our readers. This is a year-round thing that we do but we wanted to take it a step further and pick a charity that we would like to make a yearly event over. When it comes to the video game industry, Child’s Play is the leading charity most companies, industry personalities and everyone in between tend to contribute to.