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11-bit Studio’s This War Of Mine’s upcoming physical board game version now has its Kickstarter campaign live

Usually we see board games getting a digital version released onto mobile devices (and other platforms). However, on the flip side of things, 11-bit studio’s This War Of Mine game will be getting a physical board game version made. What’s even more interesting is the fact that 11-bit Studio promises that it’ll be just as intense as the video game. While news of the board game being made has been known for a little bit now, just to make everything official, the Kickstarter campaign for it has launched this morning.


Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4 to have mobile companion app

Tearaway is a platformer, set in a word where everything inside (villains, landscape, protagonist, etc) are all made of colored paper. It was originally released for the PS Vita, with another version coming to the PS4 this Fall with a similar name, Tearaway Unfolded. Along with the console release will come a companion app that allows a second player to partake of the experience as well.


Tom Clancy’s The Division was going to have a Drone companion app, but not any more

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a new game announced today (as finally arriving soon) during Ubisoft’s press conference and there was also supposed to be a companion app coming along with this game as well. This app won’t put your face on a character like the newly announced companion app for NBA Live 2016 EA showed off earlier today. Instead it was something much cooler than that.


While Animal Crossing may never see a mobile game, there could be companion apps on the way

We don’t need to rehash Nintendo’s standpoint about bringing any of their games to mobile devices other than their own. Everyone knows their stance on this by now. The same goes for a lot of titles made by third party developers who call Nintendo their home and this includes Animal Crossing’s creator Katsuya Eguchi. However Katsuya does have some interest in the mobile field.


Konami stealthily releases their Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes companion app onto Android

Konami has followed the release of their Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes mini-game with a sneaky release of a companion app along with it. In case you are wondering why we have called this game a ‘mini-game’, it is simply because it is just a short (but pretty challenging at times) game to tide folks over till the next installment into the franchise hits everyone’s consoles in 2015 (or 2016 depending on how development goes).