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DroidGamers Double Daily Deal: OSTraining Development Courses Lifetime Subscription and more

It is time for another DroidGamers Daily Deal but unlike our usual day-to-day deal posting, today is a double deal day. This is when there are two deals we will end up posting about, but instead of doing two separate posts, we just combine it into one, because why not. Today’s two deals are actually pretty stellar, at least the lifetime subscription to OSTraining Development Courses is definitely a good one.

Game News

DroidGamers Daily Deal: Learn coding by making games with Unity3D for 82% off

Back in the first half of October, one of the Daily Deals we had was a game development course bundle which was on sale. A lot of people were interested in that bundle, especially since it offered a lot of focus on using Unity3D which is great for cross-platform game development and is one of the more popular game engines to use when making games. Well that deal is back for those of you who missed it last time.

Hardware News

DroidGamers Daily Deal: The Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit – Hardware, Guides, and more

Today’s DroidGamers Daily Deal in our new store is a full Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, which comes complete with all the hardware you need to get started, guides on what you can do with this, and a couple of programming courses to get you on your way. There is actually quite a lot of interesting things you can do with the Raspberry Pi 2, including installing Android on it.

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Meet the DroidGamers Deals store, complete with freebies and giveaways as well

As you have probably seen on other Android related sites, and other tech sites in general, some of them have these cool Deals stores where users can snag deals on pretty much anything and everything. Most of the stuff in these stores are gadgets, courses to learn programming, and so on. As we near the launch of our new site, we will be rolling out new features and this is one of them.

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[Updated] The Thanksgiving / Black Friday Android game sale round-up

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the USA and then right after that is Black Friday / Cyber Monday and as most of you know, there is always a plethora of sales and deals to be had. The deals go across the board whether it be a fridge you need, a new tablet, a car or, of course, video games. Android is no exception to this and there are already plenty of sales announced for you to take advantage of over the next few days.