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Let the CES 2011 goodness begin!

As you may or may not know, we here at DroidGamers are based out of Las Vegas, NV with staff from various parts of the USA and Europe. Our first major event coverage which we will be there is this years CES 2011! You can expect a lot of coverage regarding all things Android and Android gaming related.

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Zum-Zum Review

Herocraft has long been a publisher of games for Android ranging across multiple genres. Zum-Zum is an Android take on a popular motif. Reminiscent of the Bon-Bon and Luxor games, the goal is to group together strings of colored balls to defeat wave after wave of enemies. Here is our review of this title from Herocraft.

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The Future!

Once in awhile I like to post about what is coming up for DroidGamers in terms of new features, our growth and anything else that pertains to that. I haven’t really done that in awhile and it is about that time. DroidGamers and the staff, TeamDG, have a lot planned for the future in both the short and long term and we also look for your input about the site.

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New Droid Gamers Positions

Well it is about that time again. We are looking for a couple more writers and anyone else who would like to contribute anything to Droid Gamers. If you like games and gaming on your Android phone, why not write about it whether it is a review of a game or perhaps general gaming news in regards to Android? Read on for more details..

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IGF Adds Android Platform

There is no question that gaming on the Android platform has come a long way since Android came out onto the mobile market. Even though it has a decent way to go before it becomes the dominate platform for mobile gaming, more and more festivals and conferences are adding Android to their platform roster and IGF is the newest one to do so.

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Giveaway Starts Today!

I know I know I’ve been tagging everyone along with previews of the multi-game giveaway we are having but the wait is over! We are starting it today and it will last one week exactly with winners every day. There’s a few ways to enter which we will go over in just a second as well as what all the prizes are.