Tag: E3 2015

Hardware News

SteelSeries is bringing their Stratus XL controller to Android devices

When Apple finally opened up iOS enough for peripheral manufacturers to make controllers and other devices for the iPhone and iPad, SteelSeries was one of the first companies to announces and release a new controller for iOS gamers to finally get to use. Called the Stratus XL, this controller went on to get a lot of great reviews, being one of the best controllers for iOS. Not like they have a lot of them mind you. Android, on the other hand, has plenty of controllers designed specifically for Android devices including ones from SteelSeries, which we actually have used on a fairly regular basis and reported on back during CES 2013.

Game News

Tom Clancy’s The Division was going to have a Drone companion app, but not any more

Tom Clancy’s The Division is a new game announced today (as finally arriving soon) during Ubisoft’s press conference and there was also supposed to be a companion app coming along with this game as well. This app won’t put your face on a character like the newly announced companion app for NBA Live 2016 EA showed off earlier today. Instead it was something much cooler than that.

Game News

Telltale Games announces a new Walking Dead series called Walking Dead: Michonne, coming soon

Telltale Games held a short press event which was available for viewing over on YouTube’s live stream of E3 coverage and during this little press conference the company announces a new Walking Dead series which will be coming to all platforms including mobile. This new series is called Walking Dead: Michonne and will be a mini-series of three episodes in total.