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[UPDATE: Game Released] Infinite Dreams will launch Sky Force Reloaded this week!

Infinite Dreams, creators of games such as Jelly Defense, Sailboat Championship, Can Knockdown 1 and 2, Shoot the Birds and of course the excellent Sky Force series, returns this week with their latest game. Sky Force Reloaded will be launching Thursday, June 2 for Android and iOS. I think it is important to live in the moment, but I can’t wait to play this game Thursday.


Whitaker Trebella Creator of Pivvot releases the fascinating Piloteer for Android

Whitaker Trebella of Fixpoint Productions is not only a game designer, but he is also a musician. You may be familiar with the games Pivvot and Polymer, which were released not too long ago for Android devices. His games are unique, colorful and always on the upper tier of difficulty, when it comes to game play. His latest game Piloteer, is absolutely stunning in art style, but definitely tough, when it comes to game play… and I like it!


Coming to Android: Soar Among the Clouds in daWindci Deluxe

Mimimi Productions based in Munich, Germany, is close to releasing their latest project daWindci Deluxe to Android. In a refreshing take on games that deal with flight, daWindci Deluxe is the definitive edition from Mimimi Productions. The first title daWindci, was released on iOS to much acclaim. It received the Apple Design Award in 2012. Other awards for the game include the Computer Games Award and Best Handheld Game in 2011. When daWindci Deluxe takes flight on Android, we expect Mimimi Productions will deliver another high-quality playing environment. 


Mini Plane – Orange Pixel

Orange Pixel has developed a decent amount of games for Android that are usually both interesting and unique. Unlike the billion game clones that are floating around out there, Orange Pixel tends to lean towards the different. Their new game Mini Plane is no different. Mini Plane is a continuous flight game where you have to keep flying as long as you can.