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Fox Digital Entertainment releases new screenshots and video of AVP: Evolution

Back in November 2012 we talked about a new game coming from Fox Digital Entertainment who has teamed up with Angry Mob Games that would be a new addition to the Predator and Aliens franchises. Having already released an official Predator game, this new title is called AVP: Evolution and will let players take part in the Aliens vs Predator universe from both perspectives.

Game News

Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games release an official Predators game

We recently talked about Angry Mob Games who had decided to team up with Fox Entertainment in order to bring us an Aliens vs Predator game to Android. While this new game from these two companies today isn’t that Aliens vs Predator game, you will be able to get your predatory fix with their new official Predator game. You’ll be playing as a Predator who is trying to earn full membership into the Predators clan.