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GungHo Entertainment announces their upcoming PAX Prime line-up

With Gamescom 2015 over we still have a lot of news to report on from the show. So we have a nice short break right now to do it in before the next event starts, which is PAX Prime 2015 taking place between August 28th-31st in Seattle. Today GungHo Entertainment, of Puzzle & Dragons fame among other titles, has announced their PAX Prime line-up of games they will be showing off.


GungHo Entertainment announces their Anime Expo line-up and reveals a new Puzzle & Dragons game

We usually don’t cover events like the Anime Expo or the San Diego Comic Con unless there happens to be something related to mobile gaming showing up at those events for some reason. Well GungHo Entertainment is actually one of a few game development companies going to this year’s Anime Expo and today the company revealed their line-up of games they will be showing off there. Interestingly enough, one of those games is a new Puzzle & Dragons title coming to mobile soon.


Supercell sells 51% of itself to Softbank and GungHo Entertainment for $1.5 billion

In more Clash of Clans developer Supercell news, the company has announced today that it has sold 51% of the company to SoftBank and GungHo Entertainment for the ridiculous amount of $1.5 billion making this one of the biggest mobile game studio purchases to date. It isn’t like either company didn’t have the money to spare, especially after GungHo Entertainment’s release of Puzzle and Dragons which makes them a staggering amount of money by itself.


Japanese arcade bans smartphones and especially Puzzles & Dragons

Apparently a Japanese arcade has decided to take steps to ensure that the fine folks who are in their arcade are spending money and not sitting around playing mobile games instead. So what did this arcade do to try and persuade patrons to spend their money on the arcade’s games? Ban smartphones of course. While this is definitely filed under the ‘Humor’ category of news, there is some interesting things to note about this situation.