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Metal Slug Defense is a new tower defense game from within the Metal Slug universe

Metal Slug has long been a franchise that has had many fans over the years since the original game’s release way back in the glory days of the arcades and the Neo Geo console. So far SNK Playmore has released four Metal Slug games onto Android but today we now have a fifth game and it is a completely new one too. Please meet Metal Slug Defense, a tower defense game set in the Metal Slug universe.


SNK Playmore puts all their games on sale for a limited time

As we get closer to Christmas more and more game studios will be putting their titles on sale so we all can snag some really good deals on Android games. Hopefully many of you get new Android devices this holiday season to enjoy them on as well. SNK Playmore has jumped onto the train when it comes to discounted games for the holiday season by putting all of their titles on sale for a limited time.


SNK Playmore puts the entire Metal Slug series on sale

For those of you out there who are Neo Geo fans and specifically those of you who are fans of the Metal Slug franchise but haven’t picked up all the Android versions just yet, SNK Playmore has put the entire series on sale for 50% off for a limited time. That is all four Metal Slug games at half price which is a pretty solid deal considering how great these games are.