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Nintendo begins teasing an official Mii app, Hell has partially frozen over.

It is no secret that Nintendo has been a strong opponent when it comes to bringing official franchises from their platform onto mobile devices. The company absolutely refuses to consider any of their games for non-Nintendo mobile gaming devices. It’s something that we have reported on a few times in the past and yet, here we are talking about Nintendo and an application that may be coming to mobile devices.

Game News

Pokémon Company International brings Pokemon TV to Amazon’s Kindle Fire

While we may never see an official Pokemon game make it to mobile devices anytime soon, The Pokémon Company International wants everyone to be at least able to watch all the Pokemon episodes they could ever want. Originally released onto Android through Google Play, Pokemon TV is now available for those of you who own a Kindle Fire tablet. This also means the probable compatibility with Amazon’s new set top box at some point in the near future.