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Marvel Pinball will be getting a new table soon and it’ll be all out Civil War

A new table will be arriving soon for the Marvel series of table on Zen Pinball THD called Civil War. Zen Studios have been hard at work it seems having released two tables already last week and now a third is on the way. In this table though, civil war has broken out where players must choose either Iron Man in support of the Superhuman Registration Act, or join Captain America in the fight against it.


Battleloot Adventure Mixes Comedy With RPG, Coming Soon To Android

Android has seen no shortage of Role Playing Games. From popular tittles such Zenonia to something less conventional such as Battleheart, its safe to say that level grinding on the go has reached new heights. Indie developers have also taken strides into the genre by fusing comedic elements into the script such as previous mentioned tittles. While not necessarily reaching new grounds, Digital Tales hopes to expand the genre with their latest release, Battleloot Adventure.


The upcoming plan for Minecraft: Pocket Edition including new Survival mode features and crafting

Today Daniel Kaplan posted on the Mojang blog about what is coming up in the near future for Android and iOS version of Minecraft. While we have had it on Android for awhile, iOS only recently got the game and the plan is to get the iOS version on par with the Android one to make development easier. There is one small bug fix the iOS version needs before that is happening.