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Plague Inc’s upcoming companion app allows your creations to go viral

What’s more exciting than creating your very own infectious disease and unleashing it upon an unsuspecting populace? Being freed from the constraints of The Man’s rules, allowing you to come up with the craziest disease scenarios possible, of course! What about watching your friends as well as strangers panic as they futilely attempt to take on those scenarios? Sounds fun as well, you say? Then the upcoming Scenario Creator for the uber-popular Plague Inc is just what the doctor recommends!


Plague Inc may also be getting a board game if their Kickstarter is a success

Yesterday we reported on This War Of Mine getting its own physical board game and that 11-bit Studio’s Kickstarter campaign has begun. We also said it is usually physical board games getting digital adaptations and not the other way around. Well it looks like the ‘other way around’ is becoming a trend as Plague Inc is looking to get a physical board game as well. Of course this solely depends on how successful the Kickstarter campaign for it is.


Plague Inc sees a boost in download because of Ebola scare

There are a few things I never thought I would ever get to post as news. One of those things is the fact that something real world would effect the download numbers of a mobile game, especially an event that has people freaked out a bit. However here we are posting that Plague Inc has seen a jump in downloads in recent weeks due to the Ebola scare that is currently going on.


Keeping it Casual #2: The Top 3 Miniclip Games

Miniclip has been doing casual games on the PC for a few years now, and it seems they are starting to spread on to the Android Play store. These games are strictly casual affairs, with simple, bright graphics, polished gameplay and best of all almost all of them are free to download. I have been through all their games and have put together my top 3 in no particular order from Miniclip giving each one a quick review.